Posted: 16 September, 2016

Gordie Reveals Wayne Bennett Held A 'Fight Night' For The Broncs


Off the back of a couple of Broncs coming to blows this week during training, we checked in with Gordie Tallis who used to get into a scuffle or two during his Broncos days.

 “Has anyone ever hit a team mate more than you Gordon?” Marto asked.

 “Yeah, happened all the time at the Broncos!”

“The first year I was there, the boys used to fight so much...Wayne Bennett put a fight night on,” Gordie revealed. 

 “Tell me what the line up was...cause I think there was a funny story about Peter Ryan?" Marto asked. 

 “Yeah, they were out at the Paddo and Alfie and Kevvie were teasing the forward packs saying, ‘ You guys are pop-gun forward packs,  I wouldn’t mind playing behind the Bulldogs', or something like that."

 “...and Ryan goes ‘oh, soft are we?’"

"He’s gone to hit Alfie who’s moved out of the road….mate, you can’t get Alf, he’s too good!"

"So then he hit Kevvie and Chris Johns and then a few others got into it."

 "One day he (Bennett) said 'Bugger it, boys we’re going to have a fight night, put some gloves on and get your frustration out'." 

 Gordie said all proceeds from the ‘fight night’ went to charity.

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